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WISCK-ers 11th edition

Upgrades at cat central!

All of the cats that come into our care stay in one of our three pens. Our pens have been heavily used and very well looked after over the years but sadly they are requiring repairs much more regularly than they used to and the Hebridean weather seems to have finally taken its tollfte, SO after much discussion with the AMAZING Pedigree Pens, we have ordered 2 new x twin pods and honestly folks - we are so, so, SO excited!!

The image above shows a plan for how our pens will look, they have heated sleeping quarters, storm guards and a special robust roof that will protect them from our delightful weather! The pens are made from UPVC which will make keeping them clean so much easier for our volunteers. Pedigree Pens have supplied 100s of pens to various animal charities all over the country.


New pens, however, don't come cheaply which is why we are hosting a fundraising 5K fun run (or walk!) on the 8th April.


Our 5K Fun Run is open to families (under 16s) must be accompanied by an adult. We are encouraging cat themed fancy dress and will be providing cat face paints on the morning of the run. All participants will receive a medal and the winners will receive these very fitting trophies...

We hope the Fun Run will be a success and a nice day for everyone involved, if you haven't entered yet but would like to you can do so here. We will be sure to post lots of photos on our social media and we will definitely keep you all posted on the progress of our new pens.

If you would like to contribute to our work and of course, our new pens, we would very much appreciate it. Any donation we get is so gratefully received.

We also fully support any fundraising you may wish to do for us, just get in touch and let us know what you are doing. We will share your event on our socials and cheer you on from afar!

You can donate via BACS or Paypal. See details below.

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