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WISCK-ers 12th Edition

Summer is here and so are the kittens....

Our kitten season kicked off on the 24th April and today we currently have a total of 8 adults and 12 kittens in our care. So we are just a LITTLE busy to say the least.

Our first kittens in care this year were actually in January would you believe, they needed special indoor homes so a fabulous partner rescue called Lothian Cat Rescue, took them to be rehomed no questions asked. We can't thank them enough.

Kittens never have an issue with finding a home, we are inundated with messages of interest every time we post the availability of a new kitten. The same can't be said for the adults. Take the adorable Clio for example, she is currently up for adoption. She is cuddly, littered trained & beautiful. She has poor vision and because of this must be indoors only. She would make an absolutley fantastic companion for someone. She deserves the best home possible and we will of course find it for her, but the level of interest in our adult cats never measures close to that of our kittens.

Here are many reasons as to why adopting an adult cat is an excellent idea:

  • They are calmer

  • They are litter trained

  • Less likely to wreck your furniture

  • Already spayed/neutered

  • Don't require lots of supervision

  • There is no question as to how big they will get

  • They still make strong bonds with their new families

  • Cats can live for 15-20 years (or longer!) so even at 8 years old a cat will have many, many years with their new family

If you are interested in adopting clio please read the adoption process pinned on our Facebook page.

We will update you again very soon when our new pens have been installed, we are so excited and so very grateful to all of our fabulous supporters that have made it possible for us to get them.


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