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WISCKers - 9th Edition

Happily ev-FUR after...

If you received our last news letter you will know we have been absolutely flat out with a particularly large group of cats from Breasaclete/Callanish & are in the process of trapping, neutering & rehoming them. We will give you an update on that shortly but first, we wanted to share a recent, heart-warming rehoming story...

Meet the fondly named Grandpa (left) and Sparrow (right), both from the Callanish/Breasaclete crew. Grandpa had a hard time when he first came into care as he had to undergo some serious dental work, which left him with only 2 teeth! This thankfully didn't affect his appetite - AT ALL - he was the first to the food bowls & finished off anything that the other pen residents didn't! He was such a sweet, relaxed & affectionate boy in care. He really had everyone smitten. Sparrow came to us with one eye, we aren't sure how this came about. It doesn't stop her being a content, fuss loving purr-monster. They were rehomed together & although we were delighted for them, we were very sad to see them go.

Luckily, their lovely new owner sent us the above picture with an update letting us know how happy she was with her new lodgers & how quickly they had settled into their new surroundings. She also left us a beautiful comment on one of our recent posts encouraging people to think about rehoming an adult cat as Grandpa & Sparrow have already given her so much joy.

So....on to the numbers! At present we have taken in 46 (43 adults & 3 kittens) and have had 2 more of those adults give birth so add on another 6 kittens, these ALL came from Breasaclete/Callanish. 30 have been neutered (14 male & 16 female). 12 have been adopted as pets and 10 have been hired as pest control in some cosy barns.

We are making great progress with this particular group, however we have reports daily at this time of year of kittens being spotted & several other situations where numbers of pet cats have gotten out of control & unmanageable. We are working hard to help every cat/kitten we can & at the same time trying to educate people* in understanding how important it is to spay/neuter your cats. (*see infographic above).

Thank you so much for your continued support & we look forward to updating you all again soon.

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