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WISCKers - 8th Edition

The Callanish Clan...

As most of our followers will be aware, we have a particularly large project on our hands at the moment. In case you missed it, at the beginning of April we were notified of over 30 cats which had recently lost their owner. The cats range from 6 months old to very elderly and are mostly in good health although a few needed vet treatment immediately.

We have neutered sixteen and have one mum with kittens in care at present. Five are now with our lovely foster carers and will be ready for their FUR-ever homes in no time, as they were already very easy to handle due to being pets rather than our usual ferals.

We were completely FLOORED by the outpouring of support and donations which have been sent our way for these guys

and will never be able to convey how grateful we are. We had donations from all over the world as you can see below!

Aside from monetary donations, cat food, cat litter etc. we also had lots of gift hampers donated for us to raffle, which is exactly what we are doing. We are hosting an online, multi-prize draw. Our grand prize is a beautiful print of the milky way over the Callanish Stones, donated to us by the lovely Emma from Callanish Digital Designs. Very fitting for our current clientele we thought. Thank you so much to everyone who donated & entered.

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